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Excerpts of recent article in Pune MIRROR

-- Ashwin Khan, PUNE MIRROR, Aug 17th 2014. (Excerpts)

Ashok and Leela Gour Broome

Books, trees and lots of sunshine define the lives of green entrepreneurs Ashok and Leela Gour Broome

A little beyond Marunji Village lies an oasis of greenery bursting with life. It's called the Broome Farmstays and is home to Ashok and Leela Gour Broome. The nature-loving couple has been living in this green haven for decades, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna.
.....Broome Farmstay's bucolic setting attracts migratory birds and is a sanctuary for trees, plants and animals although a township being built close to this paradise threatens to disturb its delicate ecosystem. However, the birds that chirp merrily beside the farmhouse in tune with wind chimes are oblivious to the distant din of construction noise.

…Ashok and Leela love their isolated life, away from the hustle and bustle of urban existence. "I always wanted to live the simple country life. ….
…The quieter of the two, Ashok was never interested in city life. Having worked in tea estates,
he was more used to living in locales overrun with lush greenery. …

…In 1989, they got around to building the farmhouse. Both were involved in designing their dream house, which is reminiscent of a colonial bungalow constructed using local stone. Today, it stands proud, testament to their ingenuity and perseverance. Not the ones to sit idly, the industrious pair organised nature camps for children and got busy with farming….
….."Life at the farmhouse keeps me occupied. When there is no electricity, I have to call up an electrician and if something has to be fixed, I tend to it," says Ashok. His son Vivek cares for the farm and runs a large indigenous ayurvedic nursery here. ..

….What's commendable about the Broomes is their reverence for nature. ….Their love for nature continues to find expression in Broome Farmstay's surroundings, where plants and trees grow freely……
…..Life is self-sufficient here. Solar panels are mounted on the roof, the unit generates enough electricity to keep the farmhouse going when there is a power cut. Heifers christened with delightful names like Ganga, Kaveri and Honeysuckles provide milk and there are vegetables growing in the farm…..

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